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We use industry-leading corrosion control measures to extend the operating life of new facilities, as well as bringing older facilities into compliance. Using Cathodic Protection and AC Mitigation systems, we can provide the expertise contractors and operators need to protect and monitor assets during and after installation. Let us manage all aspects from design, installation, maintenance, assessment, and monitoring to keep your projects running on time and on budget. It is part of our mission to retain quality resources. We utilize industry trained, CP specialized technicians coupled with an experienced management team to deliver a more superior service than what is offered currently. With working pipeline knowledge and industry recognized NACE training, our mission is to make it easier to protect your assets by utilizing our staff to accommodate numerous project needs without the common additional charges per task. This is a business formed off of principles and value with a true desire to put integrity and client focused service back into this industry.


madison kesner

President & CEO

Madison has a dynamic combination of both experience and education in the oil and gas industry. Her discipline is in chemical engineering, with a passion for electrochemistry in reference to corrosion. She accesses and utilizes both her education and field experience to bring a unique perspective and success to every project she is a part of. Throughout her post-collegiate career, she has worked for a major contractor managing the construction and operation of large diameter spreads/jobs on mainline construction projects. She has worked intimately with engineers, owners, operators, and other contractors to plan, estimate, schedule, and execute large-scale projects. In 2020, she left behind her successful career to pursue ownership and management of Integrity Asset Management & Protection, a company which strives to bring service back to the forefront of the Cathodic Protection industry. She is an active member of NACE, Tulsa Pipeliners Club, and participates in regional WBENC events. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time in the garden, around her livestock, and being a parent to a spunky one year old. 

Patrick Maclean

Vice President

Patrick Maclean is a co-owner and Vice President of Integrity Asset Management and Protection – a company that truly believes in the principled discipline of service. He has an extensive construction background, as well as a decade in the field of corrosion. He began his career in the field as a laborer, mainly dealing with coatings. Shortly after, his interest in his craft lead him to researching more. That research brought him to the explanation of a corrosion cell. At that moment, the obsession began! This obsession has led to being contracted to numerous companies to serve as their CP consultant, then on to more extensive technician work on large and small projects, and finally to management of large and small projects. His capabilities are a result of his friendliness to all, principled discipline of providing service, and his many years of experience in both the field and management. His recent activities have included completing the management of a multi-million dollar Federal, State, and in-house compliance project for an 8” existing pipeline built in 1935. He also managed the corrosion testing procedure, data collection, consultation, management, and staffing for a large diameter dual piping new construction project. In addition to working at iAMP, Patrick likes to spend time with his two young children and loving wife. He also enjoys cooking and cheers on the Boston Celtics in front of a television when given the chance.

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