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What we do

iAMP is a corrosion control company founded in 2021 by corrosion industry experts. We have sought to create a company based off our passion for corrosion coupled with a new service – that we believe is missing from the corrosion control industry. Our specialty lies in project and construction management of cathodic protection, coating, and AC mitigation projects. We also specialize in every form of technician work from annual and bi monthly surveys to inspection and commissioning of new systems. We dispatch qualified and knowledgeable CP Professionals to serve a client from top to bottom. Every project is unique but our technician rates encompass all of the testing, inspection, commissioning, data collection, and data submittal that is required by project. At iAMP we aim to provide all your management, technician, inspection, and service roles.

Cathodic Protection Personnel:
CP Tester
CP Technician
CP Technologist
CP Specialist
Corrosion Specialist
Corrosion Engineer
Sr. Corrosion Technologist
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Corrosion Services:
Annual and Bi-monthly Surveys
Stray Current Assessment
Cathodic Protection Design
Design Testing
Project Management
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New Construction Technician

We supply technicians on new construction projects to provide more efficient installation and accountability for the corrosion control and CP features on new pipelines. Our technicians have pipeline experience and can keep up with the pace of a mainline project. Technicians can provide consultation, schedule installations with both the contractor and inspection team, test installations to validate system function prior to restoration (AC mitigation, CP systems, test stations, gradient mats, etc). Technicians document all test results during construction and provide them in a timely manner. We have the ability to provide ACVG survey on continuous sections during mainline construction to identify any recoats prior to post-construction ILI runs.

Existing Pipeline/Compliance Technicians

iAMP supplies a wide range of experienced and qualified cathodic protection technicians that encompass all corrosion related project needs, which allow us to staff the right fit for your specific project. Our staff has many years of noth field and management experience in each offered service. Technicians are have access to in-house engineering and/or technologist oversight and direction on every project. Existing pipeline services include annual and bi-monthly surveys, troubleshooting, balancing, data assessment, support, design of new systems or upgrade of existing systems, testing to support design systems, stray current assessment, wrap coating applications, line crossings, casing isolation testing, ACVG, DCVG survey, small installations, and more.

Direct Assessment Technician

iAMP provides dual-certified technicians for Direct Assessment/Integrity Projects. These technicians have disciplines in both cathodic protection and coatings. Technicians are NACE certified CP and CIP certification holders and/or Sr. Corrosion Technologists. We also have technicians that are capable and certified to perform MPT testing, commonly used on direct assessment projects. Technicians for Direct Assessment have the ability to assess the coating, measure metal loss, classify corrosion, validate the repair, and document each dig. If required, technicians have experience with coating, wrap application, clock springs, aqua wrap, and others. Technicians are available for integrity projects involving shorted casings, CIS data assessments, among others that require additional CP or recoats.

Client Focused

Client-focused service utilizing competent personnel – with extensive experience in the pipeline industry— to consolidate project design, management, installation, and testing in one service package.

Specialized Technicians

We utilize industry trained, CP specialized technicians coupled with an experienced management team to deliver a more superior service than what is currently offered. With working pipeline knowledge and industry recognized NACE training, our mission is to make it easier to protect your assets.

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